Friday, April 13, 2018

5 Years later- The Blog will Continue!!

I am looking forward to updating everyone on Beach Happenings. So if you have ever been to Fort Myers Beach, are going to go to Fort Myers Beach or just want to live the beach life dream vicariously through my blog- You are in the right place. Stay tuned!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Come on and check us out online!

If you have a moment go to and check us out or go to our website!!
 Here is our latest review about the dolphin tour. I am planning to continue blogging but from my own perspective as owner/operator. Hoping you will enjoy and continue reading!!
 We took the Dolphin Tour on Saturday, May 18, 2013. It was FANTASTIC! FAR exceeded my expectations! The staff was friendly, informative and helpful. I had never ridden a jet ski before this event (and I\'m 52 yrs old). Randy, our tour guide, gave us clear instructions and plenty of time to get comfortable. We were able to get very close to the dolphins. I want to do it again very soon! I highly recommend this activity! Linda 
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Closing time...

Packing time. Gotta go home and pick up our dog and the two cats from the kennel, retrieve the turtle from the neighbor and cut the grass before getting back to the grind on Monday. Checkout is at noon and flight is at 2:00. Hmmmm. Still some time to spare.  It's time to go talk to the guy at the rental booth. Gotta remind him just how lucky he is to get to make his living in the sand. I wonder if he appreciates the beauty of Fort Myers Beach- the sunsets, sugar fine white sand and the gorgeous weather.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lesson Learned

I should have known better than to ride on the back with my son driving.... Things started out as planned. He went out by himself, got acclamated to driving, followed all of the rules about idling in and out of the swim zone and staying far away from other boats. When he came back and motioned for me to get on I could have waved him off. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. How was I to know that the plan was to make 100 percent sure I got wet today? That plan is why I ended up taking a swim in the Gulf with my brand new Ray Bans. I didn't expect him to do that crazy spin to throw me off the back of the waverunner. But that, in hindsight, was my own error in judgment. This is, after all, the kid that has always gotten a kick out of making everyone laugh.
No real harm was done. My family had a terrific and highly memorable day that day. My son will have stories to tell to family and friends and I learned a couple of valuable lessons myself.  1) Listen to the rental attendant when they tell you not to wear good sunglasses or to purchase some Frogleggs ( eyewear retainers). 2. Take the driver's seat next time!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Anticipation and Academics

Now that my seventeen year old son has studied for the Florida Boater's Safety Test and shown his photo I.D., he is off to take the exam for temporary boating license. He still can't believe he is actually taking a test on Spring Break! Puh-lease! It is 25 questions, multiple choice and covers basic rules of the water. Everyone from 16 to 25 must have either a NASBLA Approved Boaters Card or take the temporary and pass before they drive a PWC (i.e. personal watercraft, waverunner, jet ski). Everyone would know that if they had taken the exam. 😉 He finds a spot in the shade on the Hobie Wave Sailboat to get to work. Not a bad classroom setting I say!
Ten minutes later he returns to the booth after he sailed through the test and he now awaits grading time. A few short seconds later he receives an almost perfect score, reviews it to see which ones he missed and becomes an official, legal PWC driver.
Time for me to fill out the waiver to rent the craft and do my most important job this afternoon. Whip out the wallet and pay up. Prices are quite reasonable and the kid's excitement is building by the minute. The kid's are sized up for jackets and all of us possible drivers are taken over for an instructional lesson. Time to listen up and watch the demo. Last step before feeling the freedom of the open water and all of the possibilities it brings with it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Afternoon Activity

Nap time's over. The little one has four new items for her shell collection. Two are little clam shells, both still connected together. She explains that we must be gentle with these little guys so they won't break apart. Another is a partial pen shell speckled in barnacles. But the last one is her favorite. This is not just a shell but it is an egg casing! Each little pocket has up to a hundred tiny whelks in it. Wait till we go in the room so I can show her that. At this point she thinks she has found some sort of strange sea creature. We throw them into the sand bucket for safe keeping and walk over to see if the boys have finished with their boating license. As we approach the booth, we see another egg casing that someone else has brought up for investigation. The guy that works there brings out a pair of scissors and demonstrates just how cool these little guys really are. Check this one off as another cool part of an amazing time at the beach.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ever been on vacation and told a worker," Wow. You have my dream job."?

Setting- Fort Myers Beach, Florida 2013 Spring Break
Smooth seas, sun is shining, cool breeze, families enjoying all the beach has to offer. There you are sitting in your comfy beach chair under your oversized umbrella with a cold beverage in your coozie. Your wife and her "mini me" are out on a stroll at low tide searching for unique shells to take home and make a keepsake out of. The older kids have finally rolled out of bed (I mean it is noon after all)) and they are checking out the water sports. Their big plan is to take the Boater's Safety test so they can finally take a jet ski out by themselves this year.
You close your eyes and think,"This is the life... Imagine being able to have this view every day. Imagine coming here every day to work, getting paid to hang out and entertain the tourists." There is that guy at the Beach Concession. He comes in around 8:00 and sets up the beach, takes people on Waverunner Dolphin excursions in the back bay. He encourages people to try out the thrilling-type activities like Parasailing and Banana Boat rides. I could do that. Sometimes he instructs people with tips for a successful Stand Up Paddle Board session. You know, taking a paddle along side them so he can enjoy it for just a minute too- I mean so he can help the customer😉 Wow. Dream job. Less stress, more nature. Gonna have tell that guy just how lucky he is.... Right after I take my midday snooze.