Saturday, April 13, 2013

Afternoon Activity

Nap time's over. The little one has four new items for her shell collection. Two are little clam shells, both still connected together. She explains that we must be gentle with these little guys so they won't break apart. Another is a partial pen shell speckled in barnacles. But the last one is her favorite. This is not just a shell but it is an egg casing! Each little pocket has up to a hundred tiny whelks in it. Wait till we go in the room so I can show her that. At this point she thinks she has found some sort of strange sea creature. We throw them into the sand bucket for safe keeping and walk over to see if the boys have finished with their boating license. As we approach the booth, we see another egg casing that someone else has brought up for investigation. The guy that works there brings out a pair of scissors and demonstrates just how cool these little guys really are. Check this one off as another cool part of an amazing time at the beach.

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