Friday, April 12, 2013

Ever been on vacation and told a worker," Wow. You have my dream job."?

Setting- Fort Myers Beach, Florida 2013 Spring Break
Smooth seas, sun is shining, cool breeze, families enjoying all the beach has to offer. There you are sitting in your comfy beach chair under your oversized umbrella with a cold beverage in your coozie. Your wife and her "mini me" are out on a stroll at low tide searching for unique shells to take home and make a keepsake out of. The older kids have finally rolled out of bed (I mean it is noon after all)) and they are checking out the water sports. Their big plan is to take the Boater's Safety test so they can finally take a jet ski out by themselves this year.
You close your eyes and think,"This is the life... Imagine being able to have this view every day. Imagine coming here every day to work, getting paid to hang out and entertain the tourists." There is that guy at the Beach Concession. He comes in around 8:00 and sets up the beach, takes people on Waverunner Dolphin excursions in the back bay. He encourages people to try out the thrilling-type activities like Parasailing and Banana Boat rides. I could do that. Sometimes he instructs people with tips for a successful Stand Up Paddle Board session. You know, taking a paddle along side them so he can enjoy it for just a minute too- I mean so he can help the customeršŸ˜‰ Wow. Dream job. Less stress, more nature. Gonna have tell that guy just how lucky he is.... Right after I take my midday snooze.

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