Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lesson Learned

I should have known better than to ride on the back with my son driving.... Things started out as planned. He went out by himself, got acclamated to driving, followed all of the rules about idling in and out of the swim zone and staying far away from other boats. When he came back and motioned for me to get on I could have waved him off. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. How was I to know that the plan was to make 100 percent sure I got wet today? That plan is why I ended up taking a swim in the Gulf with my brand new Ray Bans. I didn't expect him to do that crazy spin to throw me off the back of the waverunner. But that, in hindsight, was my own error in judgment. This is, after all, the kid that has always gotten a kick out of making everyone laugh.
No real harm was done. My family had a terrific and highly memorable day that day. My son will have stories to tell to family and friends and I learned a couple of valuable lessons myself.  1) Listen to the rental attendant when they tell you not to wear good sunglasses or to purchase some Frogleggs ( eyewear retainers). 2. Take the driver's seat next time!!

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